No analytics data or and no cache analytics

I have had no analytics data, or cache analytics data on either of my sites since I moved over to Cloudflare a few days ago.

I am hosted by WP Engine, DNS are pointed at Cloudflare which is proxied.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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That would imply that traffic isn’t going through the account you’re looking at.

Just to confirm, the two name servers at the bottom of your DNS page are the same ones in your WHOIS record?

Out of curiosity, does WP Engine has a one-click type of Cloudflare integration you activated on your account over there?

Yeah, the DNS is correct, i’ve just doubled checked it. My site is - I’m pretty sure its all setup, but oddly when i check the name servers for, nothing is found, but on it seems to all OK, i wonder if its a redirect issue between the non www. and www versions.

The name servers for the root domain are the ones for ‘www’, so that’s normal to not see them for ‘www’. It’ll work its way up the chain.

And those name servers are Destiny and Melnicoff. Those are the ones at the bottom of your DNS page here?

I know WP Engine uses Cloudflare, but you didn’t answer this:

Turns out this was WP engine issue

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Yeah so it turns out that WPENGINE has a new thing called “advanced network” that uses cloudflare. Upgrading to this new network overrides cloudflare settings and features, it also causes no data to be shown in analytics etc.

It seems that wpengine’s advanced network is basically a cloudflare user, and my site becomes the sub-user losing lots of functionality with cloudflare features.

It’s good for non cloudflare users on wpengine, but very bad for those who have more advanced settings on cloudflare already

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