no ads on my videos

my streaming video site no longer displays ads from Dailymotion.
This is a big problem because I need monetization videos to pay my host …
Is there a specific configuration for this to work?
Failing a solution I will surely remove the Cloudflare service that anyway does not prevent DDOS attacks.

I’m not sure how Dailymotion ads work, and you’ve not posted your domain name.

All I can suggest is you open up your browser’s Dev Tools and check the Console log for any errors. The Network tab might also provide a hint if something isn’t loading.


Hello and thank you for your answer.
in doubt, I completely removed Cloudflare from my site but that does not change my problem. This is probably related to the player of Dailymotion which is rotten and my site in PHP.
I give you the address anyway in case you find where the problem comes from, I would be very grateful. Cagnotte d'UFOmotion

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I do see some 404s when your page loads. If it’s Tumblr related, that might be the problem.

Hello and thank you very much, it is probably the reader of dailymotion. I will write to them.

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