No active SSL certificate

From our hostingpartner we heard that our SSL certificate on the hosting servers is no longer valid/actively used for the connection between the Cloudflare server and the servers of the hosting.
This shouldn’t cause any issues for the visitors of our website as those run through the Cloudflare servers with an active SSL certificate.
The hostingpartner asked us to check if this doesn’t cause any errors with CloudFlare. If not, everything is in order and the problem has been solved, If it does cause issue, please confirm that it is good that we renew the SSL certificate on the hosting.

Can anyone help me out? As our IT partner is out for holidays…

Hi @marketing28,

You still need the certificate on your server as well. The certificate on Cloudflare secures the connection between the visitor and Cloudflare, but the server certificate secures the second part between Cloudflare and the server. You either need to renew your existing cert or use a Cloudflare Origin Certificate.

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