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Hello. My ecommerce platform Big Commerce has requested I update my DNS. My domain is with exact hosting and when I reached out to their support, they said my nameservers is currently with Cloudflare but from what I can see here I cannot access it. Can you help me access the DNS to edit it please.

What is the name of the site? Is it in the account you are using here?

If so, login a

stinkylockers I have been told the sites dns is already set to Cloudflare but it does not seem to be listed here when i enter the domain.

Thank you, the site does have cf nameservers

To edit the dns records you need to log into the account that holds the domain. If you cannot access that account, you need to move the domain to an account you can control.

So why or how am I able to edit those as my big commerce platform has asked me to change the A type and point to a different value. I am the owner of the domain and site.

I’m guessing they mean to change the A record at your big commerce platform. Currently I see the nameservers are Cloudflare’s, but they are not the nameservers assigned for your account. I’d double check with big commerce though.

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