No access to wordpress admin SSL flexible / site down on SSL full mode

Now mi site is showing a “not found” error (again):

When i turn SSL mode to flexible it shows the site but im not able to access wp-admin, it shows a “too-many-redirects” error; and with SSL full mode the site show error that I mentioned before.

If your site is still paused from earlier, use this time to get it working with HTTPS before you un-pause it. Then it will work fine in Full (Strict) mode.

Since the host recognized I turn On cloudflare again.
But now I dont know how, maybe wile I was writing post here, the site is working well.

Thank for reply again, if something changes I’ll let you now.

Btw, I have the same problem with a subdomain:
when I turn SSL to flexible I can see the site but not able to access wp-admin, and on SSL full mode the site shows “not found” error. For this also, when I turn to flexible mode the main domain turn down (not found error).


it was on my host the problem, site was without SSL and not able to work on HTTPS

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