No access to website from inside domain

As of today, users inside our network domain were unable to access our company’s website. (No problems for users outside the network.) The internal domain ie companyname.local is the same as the external domain For some reason our Cloudflare IP address for the site had changed so I have now changed it on the DNS settings A record on the internal domain controller server. Is there a way I can set things up differently so I don’t have the same problem again in the future?

Did you modify any Cloudflare configuration e.g. moving domains to new nameservers?

Thank you for your reply. No, I made no changes at all before it stopped working and the change I had to make to get it working again was to change the IP of the A record on the domain controller DNS. I found this by pinging the web site name.

That’s interesting.

Alternatively, you may try to CNAME to instead of using A record.


Thanks. Is that a CNAME on the internal domain controller DNS? I guess that makes sense ie. using names not numbers as pointers.


Thank you. I will give it a go. Appreciate your help.

That worked, thank you. I can’t make it work for the non www as the server will not accept a Cname record for Not a big deal as at least the www version works via name not IP.

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Technically you cannot put a CNAME on the Apex. Cloudflare “flattens” a CNAME at the apex, so that queries get an A record.

In general, any Cloudflare IP address will return your website, even if the IPs are “wrong”. So you can do a DNS look for the A/AAAA records that Cloudflare are returning now for, and create A/AAAA records on your internal DNS servers. It would probably be wise to monitor the entries, and update them if and when they change, but should not make any difference.

Thank you for taking the time to help Michael. Much appreciated.

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