No access to purge cache?

Hi there,
I’m trying to purge a style.css file from a wordpress theme and when I write the full path to the file i get this error message:

Sorry, you do not have access to purge cache for that zone id or that zone id is invalid (Code: 1095)

I’m sorry because i’m new in all this but I feel i need some help here…

Thanks in advance

Your zone is still in the pending state. I don’t believe you can purge the cache until the domain is active on Cloudflare. It may take a bit until the nameserver change has been validated, but once it has I would try again.

I see, thanks

So how can I edit the style.css file too see the results on the website ??
I’ve tried the Development Mode but still… I don’t see the changes applied

You nameservers are configured incorrectly at your registrar. Whois reports as one of your servers, but that is incorrect.

In the short term you could use a rule to bypass cache, but it should be a non-issue once the domain is configured and validated.

Oh !!
Thank you very much !