No access to own domain


for a few weeks or maybe month, we are experiencing the problem, that we can not visit our own website from our local store. We are running an ongoing api command, so maybe cloudflare is blocking us because of too many traffic or visits? Is there any way, we can check this and maybe add our local ip to a allowlist or something like that?

Any help would be amazing, we are looking for a solution for weeks now.

What error do you see when trying to visit the site?

You can look at your Security Events Log in the dashboard…
…to see the reason why your request was blocked, then craft a WAF rule to work round it.

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Thank you for the fast reply.

Unfortunately, I don’t get any errors, the website just loads endlessly. And it doesn’t matter, on which pc we try the access. On the other hand, the website loads directly, if we try it from another location and of course another ip.

Can you pause Cloudflare (or set the DNS record to “DNS only”), wait 5 minutes, then see if the problem is still there. This will at least tell you if the problem is related to a Cloudflare setting or is a problem on your server/host.

What is the website?

The problem with that is, that this behaviour is not permanent but only every x minutes or sometimes even hours.

Right now, there is no problem. The webiste is