No access to original email address

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Helping out my dad here. One of his former employees set up the cloudflare account. The email used is no longer active and we don’t know the password associated with the account, so unable to login. I would appreciate advice how to gain access to my account.

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Afraid you’ll have to set up the domain on a new Cloudflare account in this case.

Totally new to cloudflare: what would be my next move and under who/what company/domain should the new account be under? The email was a company email address, would it be an idea to re-create the same email address as the one that expired?

If you know the address and can recreate it, that would most certainly be the easiest thing.

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Awesome, I believe I know and should be able to recreate it. Will keep y’all posted! Many thanks.

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In that case you simply reset the password and should have full access again. Otherwise create a new Cloudflare account and add your domain to it and then change the nameservers to the new ones provided.

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Couldn’t do it with email bc the email web hosting is also with Cloudshare so back to square one. Opened a new acct and per your advice, connecting it to our site. The attached images are what I’m seeing - am I on the right track? More importantly, will the website/SEO be affected in any way if I make changes?

Your domain still points to the old nameservers, you will need to update that.

Furthermore, the DNS records you imported on the new account are most likely not the correct ones but will be Cloudflare addresses. You will need to adjust this as well.

Thank you.
Where can I find the correct nameservers and the correct DNS info? And again, will making the changes have an impact on the data/SEO etc?

The nameservers are right there on your screenshot. The DNS records is something you will need to know or otherwise enquire from your host.

As for data, that’s all hosted with your host and changing the Cloudflare account won’t change anything. Of course you will need to set up any Cloudflare specific settings or Workers from scratch - if you had them.

Got it. So I should copy the replacement nameservers into Fasthosts (in screenshot)?image

Absolutely correct.

I’m seeing:

A records
AAAA Records
Cname records
Mx records
Srv records
Txt records

Which is it that needs editing?

Probably all of them. They will all point to Cloudflare and you will get an error once the domain is active on the new account. The records should match what your host has, you might need to talk to your host for that.

Absolutely. They need to reflect exactly what your host provides and make sure that you proxy only web related records. Everything else (e.g. email) needs to be :grey:.

I’m sorry I’m taking up a lot of your time—but I really it. How do I know which of the a records in Fasthost should be applied to the cloudshare? There are many more items in Fasthosts…

Delete everything on Cloudflare and set them up like on your host’s side, just leave the two ns records out as they should not be necessary (unless you actually use them).

Perfect. Ty

Speaking of the setup. Your server certificate does not seem to be valid for the “www” record, only for the naked domain.

You either fix the certificate on your host’s side or set up the “www” record as CNAME record pointing to instead of the IP address.

I guess this is connected to the attach screenshots. How on earth do I create a CSR? I have no idea what RSA and PKCS etc and the various requirements listedimage