No access to my domain

Hi, I’m having issues with my domain. Just recently got done transferring a domain from Bluehost to Cloudflare and then used my domain on my new server; however, for some reason, the domain is blocking my entry when I use my new server IP address, but when I use the old server IP address the domain can be accessed again.

I am not sure what’s happening anyone got advice?

Assuming you are talking about, then your server would simply not be responding right now.

You best verify if you have really configured the correct IP address on Cloudflare and clarify with your host why your server is not responding.

Thanks, ya some reason it not reading my server IP address but my server is working fine for my subdomains and so forth not sure what’s happening.

You need to make sure you configured the right IP address on Cloudflare.

Yes, I have the right IP address configured. My website seems to be back up now, not sure what happened. Just having SSL issues now.

Yes, the server is responding now, but you don’t have a valid certificate. You need to talk to your host to fix that.

thanks, ya I’m speaking with my host to see why my SSL having issues.

Because the certificate is not signed by a publicly recognised certificate authority.

What do you mean by “certificate is not signed by a publicly recognized certificate authority” is that something that can fix somehow?

You simply have no valid certificate and your host needs to fix that.

Ah, I see, ok thank you so much for your help. I will just wait for assistance from my host provider to see what’s going on.

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