No access to DNS information due to hijacked account

I’m really dissapointed at the Cloudflare support and instead of helping me, they send me to a forum when I have an MS 360 business platform with no Global admin access due to a hijacked account by an earlier employee that quit over two years ago.

He has the DNS information and in charge of both cloudflare information and the global admin access, I can’t do anything and cloudflare consider the case is resolved because I’m not the owner of the Cloudflare account. But, I’m the owner of the business since 6-years back and this guy have us in some sort of a hostage situation of all our data infrastructure. We are talking of years of information.

Very frustration I really don’t know what to do? Does anyone here know how to get access to a phone support? All help on this would be much appreciated.

Best Roger

Sure their number is +1 888-993-5273

No they have changed that, just access if you want to talk to sales. Technical support is not prioritized, which doesn’t make sense due to the business model is tech??
Thank so much though

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