No access on Port 443 after adding ssl

We’ve sucessfully created a LetsEncrypt cert but are unable to access on port 443 and get error 531 instead. Any suggestions welcome…

I’ve not seen a 531 error. Can you post a screenshot of that?

Sorry, my bad. Error 521

It can be accessed fine on http: and the LetsEncrypt cert is setup fine but no https:

Try toggling the DNS record to :grey: DNS Only (click on the :orange: to change it), then wait five minutes. After that, see if your site loads HTTPS (port 443).

Thanks for your suggestion but unfortunately it hasn’t fixed the problem. Tried several times. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

If you toggled it to :grey: and it’s still not working, then it’s a server error. Make sure you get that fixed before you toggle the site back to :orange:.

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