No A Records display under DNS

ooo, good question, @cscharff may have better/detailed insight on this but I don’t think ssl is provisioned until after name server confirmation.

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I think I asked this before and @cscharff confirmed that the cert is not provisioned until after the nameserver change now.

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So setting DNS to :grey: should work for the transition. And any decent hosting will already have SSL enabled, so that won’t cause downtime or SSL issues.

Hi, I reached my max first day reply on my other account. So, I’ve done as recommended and set up a new account for nextgreenwave dot com. Just to recap, there are no A records listed under the DNS. Could this be because the site is hosted with Cloudflare?

I’d like to set up this new account to point to the existing site for now. Then, when I’m ready to point to the new host I can simply change the A record. I’ve created the new account and added, and most of the DNS records were pulled in - except the A records. How should I add these in order for them to point to the existing site. The IPs listed when I do a look up are:


IN 104 . 28 . 11 . 89 300
IN 104 . 28 . 10 . 89 300

If I set up an A record like:
A | | 104 . 28 . 11 . 89 | Automatic

Will that work? I realize that I would then have to point the name servers to this account.

Nope. Cloudflare isn’t where your files are hosted. That IP address is hidden behind Cloudflare.

There isn’t anybody you can ask? I see a lot of GoDaddy entries in historical DNS data, so I don’t know which one would be correct.

Hmm. Ok. The only people that might know are in Australia.

What if we just keep the existing account and toggle the orange cloud to grey, then add our new A record that points to our new host? Would that work?

Normally, I’d say “yes.” But earlier you said there doesn’t seem to be any “A” record for that hostname ( On that DNS screen below the DNS records, does it say that your Cloudflare Nameservers are and

Yes, those are the name servers listed.

And there’s no “A” record for How about a CNAME?

Can you post a screenshot of the DNS list? It’s ok to black out any IP addresses or other sensitive information.

Here’s what’s listed

Oooh, it’s a CNAME for some other domain. That’s interesting.

So those bottom two CNAMES ( and www) will have to (edit:)be deleted when you set up the new site. The other entries will have to be confirmed for your new setup. And then add the “A” records for the new site.

And with that in mind, the Crypto page should already have SSL enabled, so :orange: will already work for your new site, provided it has a valid SSL certificate at the web host.

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I’m more confused than ever! Does that mean we can keep using this account, create an A record that points to the new IP and remove those other two CNAME entries?

How do I confirm the other entries? Do I need to talk to my host about that?

Precisely that!

If you are not sure what entries your new host needs, you should confirm that with them.

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Thank you so much for your help everyone!


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