No A Records display under DNS



Why are no A records displayed under our DNS settings. All other records are there. When I do a DNS lookup the A records show under our Cloudflare nameservers. Are these set somewhere else?

I need to change the A record to point to our new host. If I add them on the DNS page, will it overwrite the ones I cannot see? Or will it mess things up?

Thank you.

  1. no need to update cloudflare nameserver in your domain registrar.
  2. go to DNS setting panel in your cloudflare account and replace old IP address, default._domainkey, etc. to the new one. you can find your new IP address, default._domainkey, etc. in your new hosting via CPANEL > DOMAIN > MANAGE…

i hope its make helpfull.


Thanks, but there are no A records showing at all. No IP is listed that I can change.


Just to clarify, when I go to my Cloudflare DNS settings, all records are displayed except the A records. No IP are listed under my Cloudflare DNS settings.


if there is no IP in all A record, just add it manually. you can find your new IP in your new hosting provider.


Thanks. If there is no A record currently, then how is it working? The current site at the current host is working just fine.


Yes, it is still work because cache saved in your computer. and try to clean it via software cache cleaner and just goto you cloudflare account and purge your domain via “Caching” > Click “Purge Everything”.


I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m asking. I haven’t changed anything yet. I’m just wondering if there not currently an A record listed under my Cloudflare DNS settings, why does the site work at all. Not just for me. I’m concerned because if the A records are actually somewhere else, when I do add the new A records, it may not work.

It just seems very strange that there are no A records at all listed in my Cloudflare DNS.


Try to create new cloudflare account. but remove your domain first in your current cloudflare account and the cloudflare name server also in your domain registrar. wait a few minutes and update your name server in your domain rigestrar. i think it is better.


Okay, thanks. I’ve I remove the domain from the current account, the site will be down until we set up the new account are repoint the nameservers. Correct?

When I create the new account and the current one is disabled, with the dns records still be automatically pulled into the new account, or will I need to add them manually?

Sorry for all the questions, I appreciate your help!


That first line should read, “IF I remove…”


If you remove in cloudflare your site still working but have no SSL. You dont need add manually.


Thanks, that might be what we need to do.

What do you think would happen if I just added a new A record to the existing DNS? Would it override the current A record that is not displaying?


It sounds like you set up your Cloudflare account through a partner. Who’s hosting your site?


Hi @nextgreenwave,

You don’t need to create a new Cloudflare account when you change host. You should add the records required by your new host and remove those from your old one.

Your old host may not have required an A record, but a CNAME instead, you should have no issue when adding the new records if you remove those related to your old host.


To be honest, I’m not 100% sure. According to the lookup I’ve done, it’s hosted at Cloudflare. We’re developing a new site that will be hosted with A2 hosting. I need to point the DNS there.


I should mention that I’m not one who set up this CF account. We’ve just taken it over as of today.


I’m with @kalehwaleh, this might be a good time to set up a new Cloudflare account. Get a fresh start because it sounds like the old setup is quite tangled up.


Thanks. The client is very concerned about downtime. Even a disruption in SSL. They’re a publicly traded company. Would going the new account route cause much disruption?


No. As long as the new account is properly, it will be a smooth transition. But Name Server update and DNS updates depend on TTL. It may take 48 hours before everybody sees the same thing. During that time, it will be a gradual transition to the new site for your visitors. There may even be a bit of DNS fluctuation between old and new during that time.

For now, just make sure the new Cloudflare account is completely prepared for the change: Proper DNS records and Active SSL. I hope @cloonan or @cscharff can confirm that SSL will be ready before a name server update.