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.NL domain names can not be transferred to Cloudflare yet, when is this on the feature or future reuest list.?

Very unlikely to happen anytime soon.
European ccTLDs are nothing of any priority for Cloudflare. 2018 some employees of Cloudflare promised to work on adding EU ccTLDs, but the project and everything about it was silently and without any communication canceled and it was never talked about. Even the comments from these blog posts has been removed (at least the ones talking about). So I guess it’s safe to say “no” unless they officially announce anything else.

Here the references: Transfer Domains - #6 by M4rt1n

Anyway, not beeing able to transfer a domain to Clouflare, still gives you the NS and CNAME setup option, so you still can use Cloudflare, you just can’t host/park your domain at Cloudflare.

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