Nic-IT provided negative result so I could not change the nameservers

I currently have my main domain on Aruba, before changing the nameservers they need to verify with the Italian Autority for the .it domain registration and they provided negative result, so the nameservers could not be changed.

Could anyone help, please?

Most likely this issue.

What’s the domain and which nameservers were you given?

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Hi Sandro,
thanks for your quick reply, the domain is while the nameservers given are: and

Nameservers are correct. What was the exact message you received?

If you fill the fields in this page the returned is “Failed”.

Can you post a screenshot of the exact error? It would not seem as if this was nameserver related.

Sure, please find it below.

If you scroll down you will get a list of checks and it seems only the last one failed, which is because your naked domain is not set up and does not resolve. You’d need to create a respective record on Cloudflare.

I just added the missing record, now the test gives positive result, I think there was something wrong it the automatic configuration provided by Cloudflare. Or perhaps it was due to the changes I made to make the email be normally delivered.

Cloudflare typically imports these records. You either skipped that or removed the entry for some reason. But now it should work fine.

Make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict and you are good to go.

Yes, probably, thank you so much!

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