Nginx to domain name without port 80

So I use a hosting which provides webhosting but don’t provides port 80 or 8080 it just gives a random port like 26588 and then I added A record and wrote the ip address provided by hosting in target ip so the problem is I am able to access my site by entering but I want it to be and some people will say use worker but I want a worker code which can load js html css

What they’re talking about is something like Portzilla, which runs on Workers. Portzilla is a paid service, but you could try writing your own Worker…or get better hosting.

Here’s a similar thread:

Could anyone give me a worker code which can load .js .html and .css

What type of existing tech or page are you trying to replace with workers?

My English is kind of weak so can you explain it I didn’t understand you

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