Nginx Client certificate

We have a client certificate on the backend server, and when browsing our domain our cert is triggered on the local PC, this is used to verify the users’ identity.

This works fine when using DNS only option in Cloudlare DNS, but when ‘Proxied’ the certificate is no longer requested. Is there an option or setting in Cloudflare that can use the ssl_client_certificate when Proxied? The only thing I see is the Authenticated Origin Pulls that uses a specific Cloudfalre client cert.

We have NGINX on the backend server and the following excerpts from the NGINX conf there;

ssl_client_certificate /path/to/client_cert.pem;
location ~ .php$ {
fastcgi_param VERIFIED $ssl_client_verify;
fastcgi_param DN $ssl_client_s_dn;

Client authentication is only possible in the context of an Enterprise plan

If that is not an option you can only go for an unproxied record.

Ok thanks for your reply, appreciated.

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