Nginx 404 error



I can’t get Access to work, always same 404 error provided by nginx.
The frustrating part is that I had it temporarily working a few days ago, but can’t reproduce the working setup.

My config:

DNS: cname ‘home’ on to correctly resolves to my ip.
A CNAME lookup to Home.mydomain also yields the correct value.
Only dns passes through CF (grey cloud). As soon as I enable http+dns, doesn’t resolve.

Access: email login enabled for domain ‘’ trough

Visiting results in the previously mentioned 404.


Hi @Homegrownaligator, could you fix your issue at the end? I’m expericing something very similar.


Replying to myself, the 404 was because I haven’t yet created the domain I was planning to use in the DNS zone, after that, there where new issues but not that one