NextJS cache/webpack/client-production

Hello everyone!.

Im new at CF and i have some issues when i try to upload a new page.

My project is in NextJS 14, and when i tried to upload to CF it sends me an error message that says Error: Pages only supports files up to 25 Mib in size.
cache/webpack/client-production/0.pack is 26.4 Mib in size

Im trying to solve this for few days but i really cant, i’ve already made some chatgpt solutions like code splitting, lazy load and others, and yeah it helps, cache went from 40+ mib to 26.6 Mib

PD: My last try was to compress this files with brotli, and it deploys, but the page only shows 404 error, so i think that CF isn’t prepare to read some files like Netlify does.

I went back to netlify while i found a solution to this problem.