Nextcloud With Argo Issue!

Hi! I am running a small Nextcloud server for 3/4 person! Only for family!
And i use argo tunnel to access it from other place!
But i am facing a issue when it comes to upload files from nextcloud android app!
On browsers phone or pc i can upload anything! But on phone app its failed everytime!
Can anyone give me any fix for this issue?

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You’re going to need to pull logs from your nextcloud app that explains why it’s failing - we can’t diagnose generic issues like “it fails”.

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Did you manage to find a solution? I’m experiencing the same thing.
I tried to delete the account on the phone and reconnect. Now it just says the server takes too long to respond. However, I can access the web interface just fine.


Hello! Leor
It’s Fixed! But don’t know how!..
I just updated Nextcloud to 22.2 and Nextcloud Android app 3.17 from playstore and its working fine!..

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Oh wow. Congrats.
This luck seems to be contagious… I’ve disabled security and performance using rule. Will have a play over next couple of days to see if I can find the setting that stops it working.

First Of all!..
I disabled all speed optimization like brotli , minify etc

And about caching i selected “respect origin header”

When it comes to certificate i am using “self sign cert in origin server”

When it comes to SSL/TLS Encryption in cloudflare i used “Full”

And no “reverseproxy”

So now if you think its still not working even though it’s same as i told!

Try to access your server in your local network then upload something… From phone app! Check if it works!

And second check nextcloud setting/overview if it checks ok!.. (√)
If still not working!.. Upload your apache config here!
And upload you cloudflare config here!