Nextcloud self hosted?

I’ve got my domain and ddns proxy on Cf. I heard somewhere there are limitations on file size or something that would prevent me from using cloud flare with my next cloud. Is this right? Thanks

There are no technical limitations. Just Terms of Service 2.8. Many people proxy NextCloud through Cloudflare, including myself, but past the initial sync (~25GB) for each of my users, there’s almost no file activity. So, in my case, it’s such low bandwidth that Cloudflare isn’t going to notice or care.

Thanks for the response. 2.8 does pretty blatantly seem to be against stuff like nextcloud. How is it you think it’s still safe to use it with that clause?

If you’ve figured out a way to get the Nextcloud app to work whilst using Cloudflare Teams, please let us know the trick!

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