Nextcloud File Download failed - Network Error

Hi Community and Team,

I have a Nextcloud server proxied through Cloudflare and has an intermittent issue when I try to download files from it.
If I use the Nextcloud client application, everything is working, but if I open Nextcloud in a web browser and try to download something, most often I get:
Screenshot from 2021-10-18 10-23-59

Also, if I disable Cloudflare proxy and have it as DNS only service, the download works without any issue, but I would love to have it ON, so the firewall only allows Cloudflare IP addresses as an incoming source for opened HTTPS port.

I have created a page rule and disabled everything that I could think might cause the download issue and also disabled the Brotli:

But it just doesn’t work. Is there anything else that I’m missing to disable from the Cloudflare side?

My setup and issue:
Cloudflare Proxied > HAProxy > Nextcloud server = Download fails most of the time.
Cloudflare DNS only > HAProxy > Nextcloud server = Download works every time.

You are very likely violating the TOS 2.8 by serving tons of non-HTML content via Cloudflare.

So it is possible that Cloudflare closes the connection when it detects a large download activity in progress. Just my educated guess.

Thanks for that. I knew I couldn’t proxy my Plex content through Cloudflare because It’s a video streaming, and it’s against TOS, but I never thought that might also mean other content such as downloading my document files through an HTML website.

I’ve changed it to DNS only service and will solely rely on HAproxy for protection.

It would be nice then if Cloudflare didn’t bug people with this warning message on every login:

If some services are not meant to be proxied, there is no reason to infuse that the setup is incomplete otherwise.

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