Next step to HTTPS through BLUEHOST

I installed Cloudflare yesterday. I want to secure my websites. My hosting service is Bluehost and I clicked on the Cloudflare icon on my Bluehost cpanel to install it. So I now have a Cloudflare account. But after 24 hours I have no free SSL certificate. How to I get a certificate?

And where do I find the other basic steps to getting my websites set up as secure (HTTPS)?

Thank you


Partner integrations often fail more often than directly signing up through Cloudflare. Due to the nature of this, I would recommend contacting bluehost support.


Hey Bill. I’ve personally seen this issues with BH in the past and would recommend disconnecting it from your cPanel and using the Cloudflare dashboard directly.

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Interesting. How do I do that? ON the BH site it says that everything will be disconnected from Cloudflare if I disable Cloudflare there. So does that mean that I will have to set up a new Cloudflare account and basically start over? If so what happens to the existing SSL certificate?

BTW, I tried all of the fixes in an article on Mixed Content and nothing changed.

Thanks for your help

Sorry for the slow response @azwcd1899. When I last disconnected a BH account (roughly 1 year ago) I didn’t have to recreate any records but the account did not have a certificate. I’m just speculating here but if you’ve already created it, it shouldn’t be deleted.

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