Newspaper theme problem with cloudflare mobile version

my site is i am using the newspaper theme. however, i am having serious problems with the mobile version of the tagdiv newspaper theme.
When Cloudflare is activated, the mobile version is not showing properly.
I have been told that there could be a conflict with Cloudflare and would like to know if anyone who is using the newspaper theme has solved the problem. At this moment is time newspaper theme have no solution

Currently I just get a This site is currently unavailable. page - is it in maintenance mode at the moment?

Hi, it is back on now. the site was down for a few mins while i was trying something. please check again

I just checked it and could not find any issue, may you want to elaborate what exactly is broken?

hi, if you are not seeing the mobile version then that is the problem. When you play around with it, it comes up with newspaper logo and sign, if you go into chrome and also on a mobile device. can you show me an image of what you see on your mobile device.

Cloudflare did send me a message after a few months of trying to sort this out and i could not understand it and neither could newspaper theme support.

it is causing me serious problems

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