Newly transferred domain with new DNS Records Review

Just transferred to CF. At the same time I am adding a new website system to the same domain. Seems CF transferred all my records fine for the old website system. I am now utilizing a new website software system and just want to verify my new settings.
I removed all the “old” records, except for the MX Google ones and replaced them with the new system settings. Is that proper procedure? I know have a “A” record with domain name pointing to new website server. I have a Cname as MVMT-Realty and the Google MX records.
All the old “A” and Cnames are removed… This correct - site still down… although only an hour or so :slight_smile: Thanks

What is the name of the site?

Hi, thanks for looking. it is mvmt-realty Unfortunately, there is some history here… All domains are a dot com
Original domain was remaxpreferredwest thru Tucows and a website builder. After year, she broke away from ReMax and went independent with MVMT-Realty (domain still at Tucows).
Last year had an issue with IDX company for MLS feeds so we went to Placester as an IDX feed and a website builder. Didn’t know Cloudflare at that time and went with Domain. Moved both the Remaxpreferredwest and the mvmt-realty to domain and everything worked…
Had a great experience with Cloudflare on another site so I moved the MVMT-Realty to Cloudflare - never “thought” to also move remaxprefferdwest though. I moved remaxpreferred west this am and have all the original settings from Domain on both DNS settings here in Cloudflare. I do have the new nameservers issued by Cloudflare on the dashboard of Domain though. Since both domains have been transferred to here and registrar, what do I do with the cloudflare nameservers in Domains?
Now that I have exact same settings for both domains, do I just need to wait till this am transfer has a chance to update??
Is the original domain - Remax always the original and it was just redirecting to MVMT-Realty all along?
Sorry - I can do awesome websites but really struggle with the domain “stuff”.
Thanks for any help. I’ll take pics of the old settings and the new and reply in a few with those

BTW Cloonan,
The “Goal” is to have Mvmt-Realty up and running - without having to continue on with the old original domain, if that was always re-directing things since it was the original domain.
Thanks, Bernie

Went to support itself and got it resolved - Thanks for trying Cloonan :slight_smile: Turns out I had the SSL/TLS set to Flexible, instead of Full
It was in a loop and that was the reasoning. Changed it to Full and viola, all came up correctly.

Full is not secure, it needs to be Full Strict.

Thanks Sandro, I changed it to Full Strict - all good
Thanks again :slight_smile: