Newly registered domain name not resolved for hours

I justed registered a new domain name at Cloudflare. I set up the DNS records of @, * and www to point to my server at AWS. It has been a few hours, but a nslookup still replys with some IP belongs to Cloudflare. Is there something wrong? It should not take more than 30mins.

What is the domain name?

Your domain is active on Cloudflare and is returning Cloudflare IP addresses because the DNS records are set to “Proxied”.

If you want DNS queries to return your origin server IP addresses, then you will need to set the DNS records to “DNS only”. If you do that, requests will go direct to your server and not through Cloudflare so no Cloudflare protections or features will be applied to your site traffic.


I did set it DNSonly once, but it seems the system set it back to Proxied. I will try again.

Is this understanding correct that if I use a server outside of Cloudflare, I cannot benefit from the Proxied service?

You can use a server outside of Cloudflare (Cloudflare doesn’t do traditional webhosting anyway), but if you want to use any Cloudflare features other than DNS (such as DDoS protection, rules and redirects, WAF, etc) the record must be proxied so traffic first goes to Cloudflare (to apply those features) before being forwarded to your server.



Pardon me for I am still confused. With the Proxied on, my domain name will never be resolved to my server IP at AWS. How can the traffic be directed to my server then?

Great. I get my dn resolved now. Thanks a lot.

Read this…


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