Newly Published page show 404 URL not found to certain users in different locations

I use CloudFlare and WP-Rocket a Caching Plugin on my WordPress website.

I am facing a issue recently where I publish a post and post it on my slack channel of more than 300 people. Some people can access the new page/post and some people can not access it ( 404 Page ) even 3 hrs after publishing.

The issue resolves after I clear CloudFlare cache on the website and the users who reported seeing a 404 page earlier could see the page.

How do I figure out what is wrong and why is CloudFlare caching my old content, why doesn’t it clear the cache when a new page is published on the website.

I’d check two things:

  1. Server logs for a 404 for that URL. There’s the possibility that that response was cached, but not cleared by WP-Rocket.
  2. Look at the headers of the 404 response at the browser (dev tools). See if Cloudflare has cached that page. Though this would only happen if you’ve activated a non-default caching configuration at Cloudflare (APO or Page Rules).

Hello @sdayman,

Thank you for writing back.

But the problem is that issue was resolved after I cleared CloudFlare cache from the page. So I can not recreate the issue and the .har file from the browser dev tools won’t show anything now.

I do not have APO activated.

I have page rules setup and cache level bypass for some archive pages and archive page/* And here is the page rule at the root domain in the screenshot.

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