Newly-created subdomain not working. How to create DNS record to get it working on Cloudflare?

My website domain (let’s call it ‘’) is currently connected to Cloudflare and working just fine. However my newly-created subdomain is not: ‘’). I’m guessing that I need to add a DNS record inside of Cloudflare for the subdomain and activate the orange cloud-icon for proxy.

However I’m not sure how to add this DNS record on Cloudflare. Do I add it as a CNAME or A record?

  • If supposed to add subdomain as CNAME what do I make the Name and Target?
  • On the other hand if I’m supposed to add as an A record what is the Name and IPv4 address supposed to be?

I always use “A” records with the IP address of the server. But the server needs to be configured to serve that subdomain at that IP address. It’s usually the same IP address as the main domain.

So if I understand you correctly:

Create ‘A’ Record
Name =
IPv4 address: Whatever my server’s IP address is at my Hosting

Sound about right?

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