Newly cached resource propagation across PoPs

Q1: Upon making a request to a proxied (orange-clouded) URL with a new resource, how long does it take to see this new resource cached across the network (all PoPs)?

Q2: Also how long does it take to see the reflected change across the network after purging a specific resource?


The way Cloudflare works is it will cache resources only after they are requested, and for a TTL set either at the origin server or by an Egde Cahe TTL setting, whichever is larger. Assets that are infrequently requested, though, may me purged before their TTL expiration.

So if a visitor from somewhere requests a page and subsequent files, and the visitor is routed to the CDG (Paris) data center, these files will be cached at CDG for their respective TTL. When another visitor is routed to IAD, these files will be cached at IAD. And so on, and so forth.

Any file requested from a data center where the file hasn’t been cached will be fetched from the origin server, and cached for the next visitor routed to this data center.

Cloudflare offers a paid service called Argo that will make it fetch uncached files from the nearest data center where the file is already cached, instead of going back to the origin. This service is billed on usage and is available in all plans.

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Would you know how long it would take to purge if it were cached across multiple data centers?

Purging cache usually takes less than 30 seconds across the entire network.


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