Newcomer perceived problems

Hi, I am new to Cloudflare having only installed the free version Warp a few days ago, I have been doing some testing and getting some inconsistent results.
I have Warp installed on an Imac running macOS Big Sur version 11.6 and on an iPhone 6s iOS 14.8.
My testing consists simply of using “” to show the IP address that I have with or without Warp.
I am located in the south of England and I believe that i have a connection to the Cloudflare Server in London. I am connected to a local fibre company that has plenty of capacity via a 100Mb link with an IP address of 212.221.x.x .
From the iMac with Warp being active I see my actual IPv4 address as above with a note saying no IPv6 address detected. When I connect Warp I usually see a translated IPv4 address of 172.16.x.x and now an IPv6 address of 2ao9:bac0:21::x:x which the site says belongs to Cloudflare. Occasionally I do not get an address translation and suspect that there has been a failure in the link, this can last for a few minutes or in for a lot longer a few days ago.
From the iPhone I have never seen an IPv4 address translation when connection to the test site but I do see an IPv6 address in the same rang as on the iMac.
Is my test setup valid and or is there a better method that I could be using?
Is my iPhone being protected by the VPN?
Are the intermittent results from the Imac really showing failures of the VPN connection?

I have just encountered a situation where with Warp connected on my Imac I can access the community page but If I try to logon then the connection hangs. If I do not have Warp Connected then I experience no problems with loggin on!

Hi Sandro,
I would the standard VPN encryption between end point and the cloud along with address translation to protect the local node.

Could you summarize your question, please?

My questions are in the second to last paragraph of the post, I don’t think that they can be sumerised any further

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