Newbie with the email game

Ok so complete newbie with the custom email domain thing. I bought my domain last night through Cloudflare and then got it transfered over to icloud. I try to setup my email of [email protected]. It then just tells me that email address is not available. Any help or advice would be great. For what its worth I was able to setup my wifes and kids with no problems.

If the way you said you transferred the email stuff over to iCloud is meant as it sounds, you would actually need to contact them for further assistance with your set up on their platform.

Anyway, -

How exactly did you make this “transfer” you refer to?

Where exactly does it show this, and what is the exact phrase?

Can you copy-paste the errors in, show a screenshot, or something similar?

Without sharing details such as e.g. the actual domain that issues are related to, it will be impossible to dig in to the actual situation of your current set up.

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