Newbie - why captcha on my webpage?

I’m new to networking security issues, so there might be a lot of basic stuff I don’t get.

I own the site:
Some times when I try to access it to maintain the content or even just visit for testing how it looks, I run into a cloudflare pages that asks me to “complete one more step” where I need to check that I’m not a robot.

I found this page regarding the issue: Understanding Cloudflare Challenge Passage (Captcha) – Cloudflare Help Center.

I’ve tried to look up my IP to remove it from the list. I could not find it. I made a whitelist of my IP anyway. That did not help.

Then a friend installed a VPN add-on. When I use that, there is no problem. But I think my PC slowed down so I disabled it. And for a period everything was working fine - even without the VPN.

But now the problem has come back.
Sure - I can use VPN, but I still think my PC is to slow with that. And I mean - if my IP is not listed (and therefore I can’t remove / whitelist it).then why on earth do I keep running into this “I’m not a robot” check if I don’t use VPN?

I don’t know what made it work for a short period without VPN, and I don’t understand why it has come back when my IP is not listed.

Please try to explain in plain words. I’m not good with technical network related terms.
Thanks !

Your domain is not using Cloudflare in the first place, so it’s not quite clear where that CAPTCHA should come from.

Maybe your host configured something on their end. Contact them and clarify if they are somehow using Cloudflare, though there is no real indication they would, so it might be something on your local machine. Have you tried a different machine and also browser?

Hello Sandro

Thanks a million for reaching out.
To be honest - I don’t understand why this works now !!!

I was trying to edit my post to use another example. But it looks like the only option I have is to delete and write a new topic.

I’m (almost) sure I saw the same issue on this page:
But that also works now !!

If we discard my page and the question is related to the pinball site: can you then explain the behaviour ?


Well, that domain is using Cloudflare and if you get a CAPTCHA you could check out the firewall event log to find out why exactly the CAPTCHA is shown.

Ok - that’s not for me to do. I have to “call a friend”.

So I guess the question is - do you have any input I can give as to what he should look for in the firewall? I’ll point his attention to this post.

He should look for the request where the CAPTCHA was displayed and check out the details, which will point him to what fired the CAPTCHA. Once you know why you could configure your site accordingly. If it is a general security CAPTCHA you could only whitelist your IP address or network block.

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Once again - thanks Sandro.

I’m in over my head. Guess there is no simple way to sort this out for someone with my skills.

I’ll mark your suggestion as the solution. Then I’ll ask my “helper” to be more specific with his question if the help given from you is not enough to solve this issue.

Thanks for all your help !! will be the start.

Can you reproduce the issue right now?

Sorry for the late feedback Sandro. My questions was taken off because it was automatically detected as possible spam !!

So… let me continue from here…

I’ve tried a few different websites and it looks like they work without the CAPTCHA check.

But that has happened before. The problem is, that the issues will come back after a while.

It simply an pain in the neck that it comes and goes. So I hope I can get a permanent solution and not having to deal with this problem in the future.

But right now it has started to work again !

Whenever it happens check your firewall event log.

Ok - great. And again - thanks for all your support.

I’ll point to your replies when asking my fried for his help.
I’m sure he can aske more specific questions if needed.

I’ve marked the question as solved, and I’ll ask my friend to ask more specific and technical questions if needed i a new thread.

Again - thanks for your input !!

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