NEWBIE website cant be reached DNS/SSL error


I have just made my first website and managed to get it uploaded but I cannot work out how ton configure it.

The website can be reached with the domain name when no proxy is on my ‘a’ and ‘CNAME’ but as soon as I proxy them it does not work. Maybe I am not patient enough but I have tried on and off for the past few days now. My domain name is

Also I cannot work out SSL, I made a cert put it into files on my server but the website still does not use it. I have set to full strict in settings.

Any help appreciated, Im sure its something simple.


Hey @lukehamilton2012

Where is the site actually hosted? Does the service support having a proxy in front of it?

Clear browser cache or try a different browser, works great for me and I can see the records are proxied.

Hi Cloonan,

It ended up being an issue with how I had setup the SSL cert within apache2, not sure why or how this made the difference with Cloudflare proxies but oh well. Thanks to those who have read and advised.

It occurs to me the less info I find on a problem means the more basic the issue is.


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Hi the,

Its hosted on a Linux machine with Linode, I believe they support having a proxy but I cant say I know what I am talking about


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