Newbie: Webmail and Mysql DNS settings?

Newbie here, I assume this is a pretty basic question. I use Dreamhost as a hosting company, and just started with Cloudflare CDN. Everything seems to be working fine with the site’s front-end, except for the way I typically access things like:

I see those listed in Cloudflare DNS settings, along with the proxied IP addresses. If I go directly to those IP addresses, I can get phpmyadmin (mysql) and webmail working just fine.

But what if I want to continue using my original access paths rather than the IP addresses? Can I just delete those DNS proxies in the Cloudflare DNS list? Will that make things revert back to normal mysql and webmail access routes?

Thanks for any info!

You can disable the proxy (orange clouds) and it would not proxy the data anymore and will be just like any other DNS service yes. So everything will be restored again to before that.

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Thanks - is there any advantage to using the Cloudflare proxy for mysql or webmail?

I’m assuming that by disabling those two (mysql, webmail) proxies it would keep the main (site front-end) proxies running?

The main advantage is that you can hide the IP addresses your machines rely on. For example, if you disable the proxy :grey: anyone can view the IP address of the server is, which leaves it open to potential security issues.

By enabling the Proxy :orange: you are more secure to attacks (among other benefits)!

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