Newbie - Using CF to cache my pages and assets

Hello there,

I have launched a small website running on a VPS in Europe. Most of the traffic comes from China and USA, so I created a free Cloudflare account, and changed my DNS to point to Cloudflare in my registrar’s options, to get it served by Cloudflare CDN across the world.

However, it looks like Cloudflare doesn’t serve anything, HTTP response headers received are still corresponding to what my own web server sends, there aren’t any Cloudflare headers, and DNS resolution still leads to my own server IP address, although my application sends headers like this:

  • cache-control: max-age=604800
  • etag: “5df40195-20095”
  • expires: Mon, 06 Jan 2020 07:48:28 GMT
  • last-modified: Fri, 13 Dec 2019 21:24:37 GMT

Any ideas?

How should anybody be able to say anything without the domain?

It’s a porn site so I tried to avoid giving the name ahah!

Try curl -I https://■■■ - I expect Cloudlfare to deliver it (as long as HTML pages but starting by static assets would be a good first step).

Your naked domain is not proxied, hence requests will go straight to your server instead.

Thanks for figuring out the problem, but what’s the solution?

Proxying it?

Switch it to :orange:

What can I do more than:

  • Go to my registrar
  • Set Cloudflare’s name servers?

You need to make that change on Cloudflare’s side.

Please check out and #Tutorials.

Thank you, didn’t notice the proxy icon. It works now. Thanks!

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