Newbie trying to get https

Hi, I’m a newbie and not a trained web designer haha.
I’ve change the nameservers on my host as instructed approx 3 days ago . My site still says not secure. Just wondered if I need to do anything to my site (built with RapidWeaver 8) or in my web hosting account?

It could be Mixed Content. What’s your domain?


That all went above my head - sorry. Sounds complicated. Not sure how to edit source in RapidWeaver. I can view it but not edit it

Hi @ian11, all is looking pretty good! On your crypto tab, can you turn on Always use https?

If I force it to htttps, I see the certificate is in place and the page will load securely:

Thanks cloonan
I’ve looked but not sure of any way to do that. I shall try the RapidWeaver forum

In the Cloudflare Dashboard for your account, go to the Crypto section. Scroll down and make sure this is turned on:

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oh that crypto tab!! Sorry for being thick! Ive turned that on. Hopefully that works . Thanks


All looking good now . Thanks everyone


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