Newbie to Cloudflare - check Proxy status

Hello, I understand my questions are very basic, while I used to be OK with most things, the instructions have holes for me as I’ve been out of things for a few years.

Query 1: “if you see an orange cloud” everything is OK (my summary) in the support documents. I

  • can’t see if the symbols on my screen in the documentation. Question: do they mean all is OK
    Query 2: (related) I see ‘grey ticks’ - would expect green if everything is OK.
    Question: do they mean all is OK

Thanks in advance, Jennie

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:orange: isn’t appropriate for everything.

  1. Grey ticks. Those aren’t horrible, but need to be considered: ‘www’ should probably have a record; at least in order to redirect traffic to the naked domain (instructions below). Exposed IP addresses: You’ll probably see :warning: next to those DNS records. This is normal if you host a service, such as email, on the same server as the website where that service can not be proxied (:orange:) by Cloudflare.

I think that’s actually both of your questions.

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Thanks. I think. Will know after I’ve read your link :slight_smile:

Sdayman, I am quietly going a little mad. Sure I will get there in the end. Otherwise if off the ‘get me outta here’ documentation :slight_smile: :flushed:

I do host an email elsewhere so I am ignoring that warning. Thanks

The A record, not so successful. Will read a bit more and see if I can resolve the conflicts.


Reading the list above, it seems like you are actually hosting email on the same server (there is the autodiscover record, for example).

Anything related to mail (excluding the mail web UI) should be :grey:, FTP should be as well.

Also, why do you have 2 records for the root domain 116... and 121..., all the others only have the 116...?

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Thank you Matteo. Yes I am still at it. I have just deleted one of the root domain records. I’m not even asking myself how that can happen in an automated process. Deleting one of the root domain records, hasn’t given me access.

Email, yes, on the same server, and is working fine. Hadn’t thought a FTP setting needed to be active. Thanks

things I’m looking into now - DS record configuration; HTTPS status 400 or above.

Many thanks for your reply.

I’d stay away from DS (DNSSEC) until you get everything else resolved.

4xx records vary greatly in their cause. Are there any in particular you’re looking into?

Thanks for the reply. I was going to start there in about 2 seconds, your timing is perfect.

Basically, getting my site live, through Cloudflare is the issue I am trying to resolved. Short story: x, not me, activated the site but didn’t set it up and ‘left town’! I have to decide if I can get the site live, or back out of Cloudflare.

HTTPS status - it is active for Welcome health check error: just gives status 400 or above error. That’s where I’m going now.


Right now, it’s an internal error.

There has been a critical error on your website.

Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

If you’re trying to patch up your site, your best bet is to “Pause Cloudflare On Site” from the Overview page. This will take Cloudflare out of the picture and let you focus on the site itself. Once you get it straightened out and running with HTTPS, you should be all set to un-pause Cloudflare.

Thank you. I will do that.

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I am now ready to work on the DS (DNSSEC) errors. HTTPS fixed itself up when site went back on line.

I am going to ignore this message for now: Check the site for mixed content. Does the website mix encrypted and non-encrypted content? Can you see a problem if I do that.

Again, many thanks for your help. It appears that the Cloudflare setup and the site going down both occurred between my logins. I assumed they were linked :slight_smile: Jennie

Your site is still returning a 500 error. Same “critical error.” And it’s not un-paused.

But if you really want to take a stab at DNSSEC, you can do that while you troubleshoot your site. At your registrar, does it have an option to enable DNSSEC for your domain? If so, then you can go to the DNS page at Cloudflare and enable DNSSEC. It will then give you the codes to copy/paste to your registrar’s DNSSEC settings for your domain. It will take a little-to-long while to process.

Thanks for all the replies. I have hopes to sort this by Friday. Thanks sdayman, I read the instructions for DNSSEC - yours sound much more doable; I’ll give it a short.

I have checked, this is the error message I’m getting from on all but two sites listed. Seattle and New Zealand timed out.

id xxxxx opcode QUERY rcode NOERROR flags QR RD RA ;QUESTION IN CNAME ;ANSWER ;AUTHORITY 3600 IN SOA 2035406470 10000 2400 604800 3600 ;ADDITIONAL

I wouldn’t have struggled with this for so long, except that I really like the concept. I don’t want to purchase a license before I get it working. And, I have a few sites that won’t want a paid license. It just seems way to hard for an automatic process.

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