Newbie Questions - DNS and hosting videos

Hi All.
I’m a freelance web dev and new to Cloudflare and all CDN. I have a couple of questions before signing up to a paid plan.

  1. Is it essential that I update my nameservers for CloudFlare? I’d prefer the DNS be managed via my domain registrar.
  2. For now I only want to host a couple of short videos for faster streaming on my site. I assume I simply upload to Cloudflare. This generates a video URL which I add to my sites code?

Sorry if these are obvious questions.

Hello, welcome to Cloudflare Community :slight_smile:

We all started with the Learning Center:

A list of great tutorials can be found here:

Regarding your questions:

You are allowed and can always upgrade/downgrade your Cloudflare Plan when you need to :slight_smile:

Kindly, check here for the exact information:

In case of video streaming:

  1. You do not need to update your nameservers OR even have a domain in order to use Stream. Stream is an account-level product, NOT associate with your domain

  2. You can totally do this: simply get a Stream subscription and then upload the videos from the Dashboard (see screenshot):

Once you upload the video, you can get the embed code to use on your site:


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