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Hi I have recently joint Cloudfare and not a web developer as such. I am trying to forward from my old url to new one > domain registrar is 123-reg. I have followed tutorials but still getting an error message when visiting old domain. My site has been down for over a week now :frowning: grateful for any help!!

Is this the tutorial you followed?

HI @sdayman yes, this was the one I followed.

If you posted a screenshot of your Page Rules, it would make this easier. But I think you need to change the Match setting to: ** as specified in Step #2.

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It looks like it’s working now.

@sdayman its still not working on my mac after clearing cache, however I am seeing some traffic coming from google search so I believe it is now work. Thanks for your help!

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Was working but seems to of stopped after a few hours. )-:

It’s still forwarding.

wow I think all is well now phew!
Thanks again @sdayman one more hopefully a quickly is there away for forwarded pages to land on specific pages when they share the same directory name for example:

:wave: @simon12 ,

As long as you are not trying to inadvertently increase the google page ranking of those sites by linking to them in some random forums, yes… the inrerwebs work the same way.

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