Newbie Question: Backblaze + Cloudflare CDN

Hello all,

I’m brand new to the serverless world and Workers. I’m trying to integrate BackBlaze B2 with Cloudflare, but everything on BackBlaze’s how-to’s no longer align with Cloudflare’s new interface.

So, my question hopefully is a simple one - if I want to implement the integration, the Cloudflare tutorials suggest I install Wrangler. Is this absolutely necessary? Or am I missing something that I can do via the Cloudflare web portal. I’m not so inclined to add wrangler just because I’ve finally got my systems working properly, so I don’t want to put a wrinkle in it, while I observe its stability.

Many thanks.


Can you post a link to the tutorial you are following? Wangler might be necessary, but it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

This is the one from Backblaze:

and here is the Cloudflare tutorials I found:

Unfortunately, use of Cloudflare as a CDN for images is against Cloudflare’s terms of service, so I wouldn’t recommend doing this for anything in production.

Section 2.8

I am not hosting images. It’s data files behind Nextcloud. Anyone else able to help? I’m too new to Workers, and these how-tos just don’t align. Thanks.

Does this still apply if you’re hosting images using a paid Workers plan? The terms indicate you can host images when using one of Cloudflare’s Paid Services.

Which ones?

The only products eligible to host images are KV, Durable Objects, R2 and Cloudflare Images/Image Resizing

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Where does it list those services as the only ones allowed to host images?

And what about Workers? Would serving images via Workers be allowed (and also using the Workers Cache API to cache images)?