Newbie need help

Hey guys I’m really new and having some issues getting set up…I have a limited knowledge about how all of this works so bare with me. I’m trying to set up my registrar’s DS record but I’m getting this message from Cloudflare in the DNSSEC panel when clicking enable:
DNSSEC cannot be enabled until the zone is active (Code: 1008) I have my registrar open in another tab and the algorithm 13 ready to add but cannot get the key information from Cloudflare or I’m not looking in the right place.
Where do i go from here…i dont want to stop everything from working

Have you changed your nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare?

Yes they are changed but it is the DS record that is the problem…in one place i saw i was to delete the current one on Tucows on algarythm 8 but then in another place i saw just to add the new DS…I’m confused

Have you read this?

Yes … we have all read this but it doesnt help. I have the exact same problem and all the references and help are circular. What does it mean step 1. How do i fix it ? Step 2

It is a catch22. My domain was transferred from GoDaddy. But the DS-code rcords were still there. But GoDaddy says they are under the control of Cloudflare. Cloudfare says there is a problem and the zone is inactive. But nowhere can I find any instructions about how to fix this. GoDaddy assures me that when Cloudflare fixes their DNNSEC records then it will be reflected in GoDaddy. But you cannot enable DNNSEC in Cloud Flare as you get this error message. Hence the Catch22

If you find out how to fix this Catch22 PLEASE tell me …

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