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I bought a domain on Cloudflare which Im thinking was a mistake now. Im simply wanting the protection the free cloudflare provides. Since I just bought the domain I obviously dont have it hosted anywhere but I have these cloudflare nameservers that i would normally get by building the website FIRST then adding it to cloudflare. Bottom line Namecheap requires Namecheap nameservers for me to begin building a site. This is where Im confused. If I buy domains on Cloudflare how do I then get the site built without buying a cloudflare hosting package? How do I take the cloudflare domain I have and start bulding a website on Namecheap?

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Cloudflare doesn’t have a hosting package. There is Cloudflare Pages which can host static websites, but it is not traditional webhosting.

You will need to either choose a different webhost without such a requirement, or transfer your domain registration elsewhere. Note that you will need to wait for the 60 day transfer lock to pass before you can transfer a domain to another registrar.

So why then would one register a domain at Cloudflare when you cant do anything with it?

So what information - maybe im wrong here - but what info do I need to give namecheap? I watched a video where a guy installed the cloudflare nameservers at namecheap but that obviously wasent a domain he purchased at cloudflare. So then what info does a person need at ANY registar???

Not being able to use other services that also require their nameservers is not the same as

Most webhosting provides you the address you need to configure your DNS. Some bargain hosts require the use of their nameservers to avoid having to field support calls from people that don’t know how to configure DNS among other reasons, most of which are related to providing low-cost service by reducing support costs.

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