Newbie just trying to update his DNS records

Hi I’m new to cloudflare, I’m not recieving emails through my host at hostgator and the support team gave methe exact DNS record details to update, but to be honest I’m scared I’ll mess it up.

here is exactly what he told me to update:

TTL: 3600
Type: A record

MX Record:
Priority: 0

  • First of all there is no record A thats named, only just mail or just I tried creating a new one but it says it already exists??

-TTL can only be set in minutes so how can i set it to 3600? Did he mean priority?

-MX Record is already set to MX Record: with Priority: 0

That domain does not appear to exist in the first place.

Did you mistype your domain? Is it actually

If so, it already has an MX record which does point to that address.

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