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What is the domain name?

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When you tested your domain, what were the results?

Too many redirects

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I’d like some advice as a rank newbie on having CF proxy my long-time (since 2006) self-hosted WordPress blog. The server is hosted in Azure and I use CF as my DNS registrar. IOW, CF’s name servers are the authoritative DNS for this domain.

This always results in a “too many redirects” error, even after emptying caches and restarting the Ubuntu server WP runs on. An nslookup for the domain shows CF’s servers as the destination IP addresses. There should be no issues with CF access the Azure VM; it permits all inbound on TCP 22, 80 and 443.

I use Let’s Encrypt for TLS certs.

If that’s enough info for you to recommend a path for me to investigate, thanks in advance for any links to doc that describe what I should try.

If more info is needed, please reply here and let me know what I missed.


Your site works fine from here. I only encountered a single redirect from the apex to www.

It is possible that you cached some conflicting HTTP redirects when you were doing initial configuration. Have you tested in an incognito browser session?

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