Newbie - how to add a sub-domain to Cloudfare

I’ve added my domain but now I have a subdomain that points to a different provider. Do I have to add it to Cloudfare, and how do I do this? Thanks

From a Cloudflare perspective everything is a different provider. I assume you are talking about a regular hostname which you want to point to an IP address. In that case, yes, you’d have to configure that on Cloudflare.

If, on the other hand, you really want to delegate a sub-domain you will still have to configure that on Cloudflare but with an NS record instead which you point to the new nameservers.

Post the exact instructions you were given.

Thanks Sandro - I have no instructions so I’m just guessing. My main website is hosted on Webflow, and that seems to be sorted. I have a subdomain ( which is hosted in Kartra. How do I add it to Cloudfare (add a new site doesn’t accept a sub-domain). Thanks

You must have received some instructions from Kartra. You’ll need to follow those.

I do not think that will be an actual sub-domain but rather just a regular hostname via an A record. In that case you simply add an A record, name it app, and point it to whatever IP address you got from them.

You actually already have a CNAME record. Does something not work?

Yes it not working, getting this “If you see this page it means that Apache Domain Service for this domain is locked , or there’s no such Apache Domain Service registered in Operations Automation.” My CNAME should point to Cloudfare panel is saying its managed externally, and to contact my provider (would that be Blacknight who provide my hosting or Kartra). Thanks for your help here, really appreciate it

cyber-pie or cyberpie?

Your CNAME record currently points to Double check that. Plus, redirects to your www record and that does not show proper content either.

At this point it is probably best to pause Cloudflare, sort these issues out with your host(s), and unpause Cloudflare only once it all loads fine. I am afraid that’s really rather a host issue.

Thanks, will do

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