Newbie Help Install Errors and a screw up

I am trying to install CloudFlare on my personal website to get SSL.

I tried following instruction on a YouTube video— but a lot of the instruction were not the same–even his Cpanel looked different and the DNS Server Name change was in a different location.

My questions and comments reflect my limited understanding of what I am doing.

I was using ZEN for free SSL Certificates. Tired of having to do it every 90 days.

I managed to change my DNS Name Server in GoDaddy and set up an account here and it is active.
I created Certificate: (CRT) and Private Key (KEY) and I THINK I created the Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE)-- it was not named the same on CloudFlare

I pasted them in where they belong in CPANEL and got errors that the certificates did not match what was on file (something like that). It would not let me save it.

I deleted the CloudFlare CODES and restored the Old free SSL Certificates I had from ZEN

I did not save the CloudFlare CODES- and have not figure out how to get them again from the site.

Any ideas on what I did wrong?
How to correct it and be able to save the New Codes–without getting the error?
Where do I find the New CODES generated on my CloudFlare account page?
How do I create Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) or what is it called here?

THANKS to anyone patient enough to respond.

Gary DZ

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