Newbie: Cloudflare setup, but worried the time to propagate means it's wrong

Hi there. We have setup Cloudflare on Wordpress. We have Let’s Encrypt, but we have setup the free SSL on CF, and added the two name servers to our domain.

We had assumed that within 3-4 hours it would have moved over, as .uk domains normally move pretty quickly. But nothing. The Analytics is showing nothing in our CF Dashboard.

Is it a long waiting game for it to kick in, or is there something else we can do, to ensure we have done it right.

We did the SSL first, then updated nameservers… now waiting.


Have you tried clearing your DNS cache?


What do you mean - local cache or?

Regretfully I am unable to provide the domain, as we had a major issue over the weekend. Happy to provide via PM if it is secure. Hope you understand.

Yeah your PC caches DNS lookup. Google “Clear [OS name] DNS Cache” and try the steps provided.

I asked our host, who said the nameservers hadn’t been changed. But in our login, I can see we have changed them. I think it’s this that is the holdup.

Sounds like it. If you can’t supply your domain try putting it in here yourself to see if the nameservers have changed.

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