Newbie can't escape 404!

I have done extensive troubleshooting all day and am unable to figure out why my website is unable to be deployed. On my GIT repo, my index.html and mystyle.css are located in the root. In the root, There are subfolders. “Pages”, “Images”, “Audio”. The other sites’ pages are kept in the “Pages” folder and all relative references are correct. The website works flawlessly on my local machine. But as soon as I upload it to GIT and deploy, I get nothing. I am at my wits end!
I have checked and remedied the DNS settings, I have double checked all the code to make sure references are correct, I have verified the correct GIT repo and access settings, I have purged the cache, I have deleted and recreated the project.
I have even tried isolating the index.html and mystyle.css in a seperate project to see if it would at least load something. Still nothing.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Please share the or custom domain, the repository you are deploying from, and the build configuration for the project.


Has seemingly rolled back automatically to a previous deployment.

Build config is all blank. A very simple static site with 95% of it consisting of html.

Does the latest deploy have a green tick next to it e.g.

Do you see any error when you View details for the deploy?

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It does! all is good.
I was finally able to figure it out after 6 or so hours of troubleshooting.

my homepage was titled “Index.html” not “index.html”

I’ll take the idiot status thanks.

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