Newbie ask

Did cloudflare they sell webhost? I can buy webhost for my domain?
I see alots domain hosting in cloudflare…

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You’ll need a webhost with someone else.

I describe it to clients like this: Cloudflare in layman terms acts like a protective membrane/shield around your webhost. It does a bunch of cool things like blocking bad visitors from accessing your site but it also can even help host some of your content automatically - which makes your site faster and easier to scale.

The only way to serve 100% of your site on Cloudflare is with workers. They have this thing called Worker Sites to try and make this easy (and it is a really great option too), but it still does require a bit of tech knowledge to wrangle.

Well thank you for answer, now i bought domain from namesilo and webhost from namecheap, how can i set to cloudflare? Protect privacy

I mean i want make my site fastly… and privacy (whois)

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